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India’s Anti-Corruption Revolution

Anna Hazare, left, will spend one last night in a New Delhi prison before holding a massive public hunger strike on Friday to demand tougher anti-corruption laws.

Early Thursday, the 74-year-old activist accepted an offer from police to leave jail and hold the 15-day public protest at an open-air New Delhi venue capable of holding 25,000 people.… Continue Reading

Who You Gonna Call?

His name hasn’t come up yet in the News Corp case. But these days the go-to guy for high-profile corruption investigations is Louis J. Freeh.

He’s a former FBI director, federal prosecutor, and U.S.… Continue Reading

Police Corruption And The FCPA

We’re sometimes asked what part of the FCPA we’d change if we had the power to do that. 

Usually we say we don’t have a problem with the words of the FCPA, but that we might change respondeat superior, for example, to give companies a fighting chance to defend themselves.… Continue Reading

What’s The Deal With Declinations?

After a company self discloses possible FCPA violations, or hears from the DOJ or SEC first, there are only two possible outcomes — an enforcement action or a declination (no action by the DOJ or SEC).… Continue Reading

Call For Scholarship: The Travel Act

We’ve talked about the Carson case and the defendants’ challenge to the Travel Act counts.

Extraterritoriality, jurisdiction, and due process (in other words, the threshold questions) are at issue.

Before the Carson briefs were in, a reader asked us about Travel Act jurisdiction over foreign issuers.… Continue Reading

Lewis Sentencing: Not This Year

Clayton Lewis — who pleaded guilty in 2005 to conspiracy to violate the FCPA — will wait until at least next February to be sentenced.

Lewis was a partner in Omega Advisors, Inc.,… Continue Reading

More Delay In Jefferson’s Appeal

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals won’t hear former Congressman William Jefferson’s appeal until late October. 

His appellate argument was first set for May this year. But his lawyer’s illness pushed the date to September, and a crowded calendar force the appeals court to reschedule until sometime between October 25 and 28.… Continue Reading

Who Paid FCPA-Related Fines Overseas?

Here’s a list of fines paid overseas for bribery by companies that have settled FCPA enforcement actions.

There may be others but these are what a friend of the FCPA Blog has found so far.… Continue Reading