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Handling Naaman’s Secret Evidence

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Ousama Naaman’s sentencing is on hold while he and the government review new evidence that may be classified.

It’s a complicated process, and prosecutors now want his sentencing, first set for August 4 and then moved to September 8, delayed indefinitely.… Continue Reading

The FCPA And Evidence Abroad

“Obtaining evidence outside the United States,” the U.S. Attorneys Manual says, “involves considerations unfamiliar to many American prosecutors.”

What tops the list of unfamiliar considerations? Sovereignty — the idea that if you want something that’s mine, you have to ask me for it. … Continue Reading

O’Shea: Feds Flubbed Statute of Limitations

Last week, John O’Shea asked a federal court in Houston to dismiss the FCPA case against him. He said the government didn’t indict him within the statute of limitations period.

For FCPA offenses, the deadline to indict a defendant is normally five years from when the offense occurred.… Continue Reading

China’s Top Court Issues Interpretation On Transparency Regulation

China’s Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”) recently issued a judicial interpretation of the “Regulation on Open Government Information” (“OGI Regulation”), the regulation adopted by the Chinese government in April 2007 in an effort to make government information more accessible to the general public in China. … Continue Reading

The Case For Optimism

Will ours be the time when international public corruption is finally tossed into the garbage can of history? There are plenty of reasons to think so.

Only five years ago, even thoughtful people believed  overseas bribery was a victimless crime — a harmless agreement between two consulting adults.… Continue Reading

Resource Alert: Temples Of Integrity

Among Transparency International’s good works are its country reports, called national integrity system (NIS) assessments. TI has published more than 70 since 1991.

A scoring system measures the integrity of a country’s institutions, both public and private.… Continue Reading

Russian Mayor Assassinated; Is Reform Dead?

Photo courtesy of Sergiev Posad administrative bodyThe mayor of a Russian city near Moscow who was trying to clean up corruption was killed Monday in an apparent contract killing.

Yevgency Dushko, left, 35, had been in office just four months.… Continue Reading

A Mass Movement Against Graft

Photo courtesy of annahazare.orgThousands gathered this weekend in New Delhi to support an anti-corruption activist who’s on a hunger strike.

Anna Hazare, left, has refused food for five days since being jailed briefly by the Indian government over plans for public demonstrations.… Continue Reading