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The Coming Chaos In Global Enforcement

Anti-corruption laws are breaking out all over.

In a few days, the U.K. Bribery Act will be a reality. Other countries, prodded by the OECD and U.S., are criminalizing overseas public bribery.… Continue Reading

Bigger And Better: Hughes Hubbard’s 2011 Spring Alert

Hughes Hubbard’s annual FCPA reviews are new kids on the block. But we don’t know a better source for FCPA and compliance-related information.

Last year’s version, we said, was both a quick desk reference and — at 241 pages — an authoritative collection of FCPA resources.… Continue Reading

Lindsey Judge ‘Shocked’ By Gov’t Conduct

Lawyers for Lindsey Manufacturing and two of its executives discovered yesterday that the government failed to turn over a grand jury transcript containing testimony of FBI agent Susan Guernsey.

She was the FBI case agent whose grand jury testimony was the basis of the pending motion to dismiss the indictment for government misconduct, due to what the defense asserts was her false and misleading grand jury testimony.… Continue Reading

Jury Mulls Fate of Four Shot Show Defendants

The first shot-show defendants to be tried in federal court in Washington, D.C. are now waiting for the jury to return its verdict. Their trial opened on May 16.

They were charged in a 44-count superceding indictment with conspiracy to violate the FCPA, violating the FCPA, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and aiding and abetting.… Continue Reading

Magyar Telekom To Settle With SEC

Hungary’s Magyar Telekom has reserved about $62 million for an expected settlement of FCPA-related charges with the SEC, according to reports by Reuters and others.

The company’s internal investigation found potentially illegal payments of about $44 million by its Montenegrin or Macedonian units.… Continue Reading

Anti-Corruption Training for Third Parties

By Jeffrey M. Kaplan and Rebecca Walker

For a variety of reasons, requiring training of agents and other third-party business representatives is among the most challenging aspects of having an anti-corruption compliance program.… Continue Reading

Wreckage In China From Siemens Case

A friend wrote:

Here is another sad chapter in the Siemens saga. It’s a reminder to me of the unequal enforcement (or lack thereof) between the various jurisdictions.

I wonder if the people paying the bribes thought about the death penalty when they secretly met at coffee shops .

Continue Reading

Out-Of-Pocket Bribes

Can a corporation be criminally responsible under the FCPA’s anti-bribery provisions for payments it doesn’t know about? It sounds strange but the question comes up in a common scenario.

An employee pays bribes out of his or her own pocket to get more business for the company.… Continue Reading

Tony’s Teachable Moment

Here’s some simple wisdom that applies to a congressman with an overactive camera thing, or to anyone thinking up convoluted ways to bribe foreign officials.

It’s from John Harris and Erika Lovley of Politico:

“It was Weiner’s misfortune to be something of an innovator in the realm of sexual scandal.… Continue Reading