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Thanks To You

Ethisphere Magazine included us on 2010’s list of the 100 Most Influential People In Business Ethics.

It says of those on the list: “Some are world famous and some are unknown, but from designing sustainable packaging to recovering billions of dollars from ponzi schemes, the following 100 individuals have impacted the world of business ethics in ways that will continue to resonate for many years.”… Continue Reading

‘Instrumentalities’ And The New World Order

In their motion to dismiss all counts of the complaint against them, the defendants in U.S. v. Carson argue that state-owned companies aren’t “instrumentalities” of a foreign government. So, they reason, the officers and employees of state-owned companies — the people they allegedly bribed — can’t be “foreign officials,” even if the entity in question is owned 100% by the foreign government.… Continue Reading

Will Tesler Make A Deal?

We reported this week that Jeffrey Tesler, the British lawyer accused of helping KBR and its partners bribe Nigerian officials, has stopped fighting against extradition to the United States. His lawyers said he’ll be traveling to Houston within 28 days.… Continue Reading

Jail For Mabey & Johnson Execs

The U.K. Serious Fraud Office said two former directors and a sales manager of bridge-building firm Mabey & Johnson Ltd were sentenced yesterday for paying kickbacks to the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein.… Continue Reading

Letter From Christchurch

On Tuesday, a 6.3-magnitude quake hit Christchurch, New Zealand. Ninety-eight people are confirmed dead and another 200 are still missing. A day after the quake, 80 percent of the city was still without water and about 40 percent had no power.… Continue Reading

DOJ Looks For Kozeny Decision ‘This Year’

In a letter asking for another sentencing delay for a potential witness against Viktor Kozeny, the DOJ has said the U.K. Privy Council accepted jurisdiction over Kozeny’s extradition from the Bahamas and could decide the case this year.… Continue Reading

The Future Of British Enforcement

SFO Director Richard Alderman: ‘Ethical companies have nothing to fear.’Richard Alderman has been the director of the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office since 2008. He’s a barrister who, before becoming Britain’s chief graft buster, headed the civil investigations division for Revenue and Customs, leading a staff of 3,000.… Continue Reading

Tesler To Houston ‘Within 28 Days’

The British lawyer accused by American authorities of helping KBR and its partners bribe Nigerian officials said last week he’s giving up his fight against extradition to the United States.

Jeffrey Tesler, 62, a U.K… Continue Reading

It Happened Only Yesterday

Abraham Lincoln served as President of the United States from March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865We marked President’s Day with a visit this weekend to Chancellorsville, one of the great battlefields of the American Civil War.… Continue Reading

Are We All Issuers Now?

For years, critics have said the FCPA hurts U.S. financial markets by scaring away foreign companies that don’t want the burden of compliance. We don’t know of any hard evidence to support that argument, and no foreign executives have told us they’re staying out of American markets because of the FCPA.… Continue Reading

KBR In £7 Million UK Settlement

KBR’s wholly-owned subsidiary, M.W. Kellogg Limited, has settled civil corruption charges with the U.K. Serious Fraud Office.

Kellogg will pay US$11,238,886 (£7,000,028). The civil fine — similar to an SEC-imposed disgorgement — equals Kellogg’s share of dividends payable from profits generated by contracts for work on Nigeria’s Bonny Island project.… Continue Reading