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Has Fix-It Time Arrived?

What are the odds the next Congress will amend the FCPA?

Not bad, we think.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pushing for it, and Andrew Weissmann, formerly from the DOJ’s Enron Task Force and now in private practice, is helping out.… Continue Reading

Measuring Misery

Which comes first: chaos or corruption?

Like the chicken and egg, the question can be debated but not answered. Corruption is both a symptom of disorder and a cause of it.… Continue Reading

The Bribes Of War

War is not only hell, it’s corrupt too.

Of the bottom ten countries on Transparency International’s 2010 Corruption Perception Index, six have active wars, insurrections, or major civil disturbances.

Included are Burundi, Chad, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and bottom-dweller Somalia.… Continue Reading

Tidewater’s Numbers

Tidewater Inc. on Monday pre-announced a $4.35 million after-tax charge for general and administrative expenses “related to an agreement in principle with the United States Department of Justice to resolve the previously disclosed Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation.”… Continue Reading

Check, Please

We’ve never written a check for the full price of a new Ferrari F430 Spider. We know: it’s sad.

But Angela Aguilar and her husband allegedly did. Then, the government says, they gave the car to an official from CFE, the Mexican state-owned electric utility.… Continue Reading

Resource Alert

A new site called makes it a lot easier to track and read law-related blogs.

Lawgents calls itself a legal news aggregator. It keeps a list of law blogs — around 70, so far — and you can subscribe to any of them through the site.… Continue Reading

The Fugitive Report 2010

Frerik Pluimers, the only FCPA fugitive with his own wanted poster.About a year ago, we compiled our original list of fugitives — people facing FCPA-related criminal charges but still at large.… Continue Reading

Tobacco Exec Escapes Jail Term

Bobby Jay Elkin Jr., a former country manager in Kyrgyzstan for tobacco company Dimon Inc, now called Alliance One International, was sentenced yesterday to just three years probation and a $5,000 fine.… Continue Reading