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A Web Of Corruption

Responding to our post The Billion Dollar Man, a reader sent this intriguing comment:

Dear FCPA Blog,

There’s another important fact not mentioned in today’s post. In addition to the revenue generated from TSKJ (which is 3/4ths complete), there may be yet more to come.

You’ll recall that Jack Stanley apparently received at least $10.8 million in kickbacks for his efforts to win work for KBR. This $10.8 million is now officially part of his “restitution” with the DOJ. What is interesting to note is the apparent breakdown of the $10.8 million.

Stanley allegedly received $1.95 million for Bonny Island Trains 1 and 2, $4.75 million from a Lebanese Consulting Company controlled by Jeffrey Tesler for the Malaysia Dua LNG project, and $4.1 million from a BVI Consulting Company controlled by Tesler for the Malaysia Tiga LNG project.

This speaks of corruption not just in the TSKJ consortium, but of a sophisticated web of corruption in other consortia as well.

So while he may already be worth a billion plus dollars to U.S. enforcement agencies, based on the origin of the $10.8 million, the overall penalties may be just getting started.

The citation for the above is Paragraph 22, Sections M, N, and O of Stanley’s September 3, 2008 plea agreement.

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