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The Hard Timers

Compliance officers will want to keep a copy of the table below close at hand. What better way to answer those who insist that the FCPA is small potatoes, after all, when you look at the relatively few enforcement actions over the past 33 years.

Here are the 22 men (no women so far), most of them former company executives, who’ve spent time in prison for FCPA-related convictions. Each name that follows represents a terrible tragedy, often with permanent damage extending to families. As the compiler of the list said: “By my count there have been 187 people charged with violating the FCPA. This list will look a little different at the end of the year.”

We’d like to thank the generous individual responsible for this post, but that’s not possible. He or she has asked to remain anonymous, making this contribution pro bono publico.

The information is compiled from the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator. Readers with suggestions and corrections are welcome to let us know.

Name Related Company Register # Age Race Sex Release Date Location
CHARLES PAUL EDWARD JUMET Ports Engineering Consultants Corporation 75638-083 53-White-M UNKNOWN NOT IN BOP CUSTODY
SULEIMAN A NASSAR Lockheed 45723-019 73-White-M 11/19/1996 RELEASED
DAVID H MEAD Saybolt 79529-079 72-White-M 7/21/1999 RELEASED
HERBERT STEINDLER General Electric 02423-061 71-White-M 3/13/2000 RELEASED
HERBERT LAWRENCE TANNENBAUM Tanner Management Corp 82537-054 85-White-M 4/20/2000 RELEASED
RICHARD G PITCHFORD Central Asia American Enterprise Fund 26036-016 75-White-M 12/4/2003 RELEASED
ROBERT RICHARD KING Owl Securities and Investments 14447-045 76-White-M 6/30/2006 RELEASED
STEVEN LYNWOOD HEAD Titan 95321-198 63-White-M 9/29/2008 RELEASED
YAW OSEI AMOAKO ITXC Corporation 60267-050 58-Black-M 12/17/2008 RELEASED
PAUL GRAYSON NOVAK Willbros 43505-279 43-White-M 12/19/2008 RELEASED
ROGER MICHAEL YOUNG ITXC Corporation 29574-016 49-White-M 4/10/2009 RELEASED
STEVEN JOSEPH OTT ITXC Corporation 60540-050 50-White-M 6/17/2009 RELEASED
RAMENDRA BASU World Bank 29254-016 47-White-M 8/7/2009 RELEASED
FAHEEM MOUSA SALAM   28567-016 32-White-M 1/7/2010 RELEASED
MISAO HIOKI Bridgestone 90290-111 56-Asian-M 11/23/2010 LOMPOC USP
DAVID KAY American Rice 13749-179 58-White-M 1/27/2011 TEXARKANA FCI
JIM BOB BROWN Willbros 66158-179 48-White-M 1/29/2011 ATLANTA USP
CHRISTIAN SAPSIZIAN Alcatel SA 78172-004 63-White-M 3/18/2011 NE OHIO CORR CTR CI
JASON EDWARD STEPH Willbros 36444-177 40-White-M 3/28/2011 EL RENO FCI
DOUGLAS MURPHY American Rice 13987-179 53-White-M 12/31/2012 EL RENO FCI
SHU QUAN-SHENG AMAC International 58250-083 69-Asian-M 2/18/2013 LA TUNA FCI

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