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Their Days Are Numbered

We count at least thirteen people waiting to be sentenced for violating or conspiring to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Both offenses carry a prison term of up to five years. And for substantive offenses the fine can be up to $250,000 or twice the gross gain produced by the bribes. Those on our list either pleaded guilty or were convicted at trial. Their names (linked to posts describing their guilty pleas or convictions) are followed by current sentencing dates. The dates often slip, so we’ll try to stay on top of any changes.

Who are they? A former congressman, a famous entrepreneur, husband-and-wife movie producers, c-level executives and top managers. Real people who are probably going to jail. Yes, the FCPA is serious, and the consequences of not complying with it can be tragic.

Here are the twelve men and one woman and their days of reckoning:

Frederic Bourke — November 10, 2009.

Jim Bob Brown — January 28, 2010.

Mario Covino — January 25, 2010.

Juan Diaz — November 13, 2009.

Gerald and Patricia Green — December 17, 2009.

William Jefferson — November 13, 2009.

Joseph T. Lukas — April 6, 2010.

Richard Morlok — January 25, 2010.

Antonio Perez — October 6, 2009. [No sentencing reported and no resetting of the sentencing date shown in the court docket.]

Leo Winston Smith — December 18, 2009.

Albert “Jack” Stanley — February 24, 2010.

Jason Edward Steph — January 28, 2010.

Let us know if there are others who belong on the list.

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  1. Dear FCPA Blog,

    Thanks for the post today.

    I also found the following 3 that seem to still be pending:

    Joshua Cantor, American Bank Note Holdings (US v. Joshua Cantor)

    Thomas Farrell and Clayton Lewis, Omega Advisors (US v. Thomas Farrell and US v. Clayton Lewis)


    Name Withheld

  2. In addition to those individuals listed above, the list also is missing Si Chan Wooh.

    Si Chan Wooh, the former executive VP and head of Schnitzer Steel Inc (SSI-Korea) is scheduled to be sentenced on April 26, 2010, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon.

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