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Dirty Diamonds And The FCPA

We’ve all heard of people who call 9-1-1 to report that their cocaine’s just been stolen. Well, something similar happened here — under terrible circumstances.

The case in federal bankruptcy court in the Southern District of New York is called In re Mark Allen Kalisch.… Continue Reading

Catching Corrupt Lawyers, Part II

A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns. — Mario Puzo

With that street-smart aphorism in mind, we went looking for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-related cases where lawyers were alleged to be on the wrong side of the law.… Continue Reading

Catching Corrupt Lawyers, Part I

Two professional groups say they’ll punish any lawyers involved in KBR’s $182 million scheme to bribe Nigerian officials in exchange for contracts worth $6 billion.

A past president of the International Bar Association (IBA) visiting Nigeria last week reportedly “threatened to use its internal disciplinary mechanism to punish accordingly any of its members indicted in the scandal,” according to a story in the Nigerian press (here).… Continue Reading

An African Voice Is Silenced

The FBI will help Burundi investigate the murder two weeks ago of one of the country’s most prominent anti-corruption activists. Ernest Manirumva was vice-president of OLUCOME (the Anti-Corruption and Economic Malpractice Observatory), arguably Burundi’s most important NGO.… Continue Reading

Passing The Test

We talked a week ago about Somali pirates and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We’re on the subject of piracy again, but we can’t pretend this post is on topic. That’s OK, though — on Fridays we have a license to wander a bit.… Continue Reading

Right Issue, Wrong Side?

When graft-busting becomes a political weapon, the rule of law grows weaker and corruption generally flourishes. Is that what’s happening in Venezuela? Maybe. For sure the number of high-profile opposition leaders accused of bribery and corruption is growing.… Continue Reading

One-Way Waivers

There was an important post over the weekend on the White Collar Crime Prof Blog. Ellen Podgor flagged a recent case (here) with serious implications for companies with deferred prosecution agreements.… Continue Reading

In Step With The DOJ

What does it mean to “cooperate with the government” after discovering serious Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance problems? There’s a description of organizational cooperation in a recent sentencing memo the Justice Department filed in US v.Continue Reading

Busting Graft From The Other Side

It perennially runs neck-and-neck with Louisiana as the country’s most corrupt state. But last week Illinois took a big step toward coming clean. It launched a website that makes it easy for anyone to report corruption in state and local government — and get paid to do it.… Continue Reading

Paying The Pirates

This month’s online edition of Foreign Policy magazine has an article (here) saying Somali pirates are handing over part of their proceeds to the regional Puntland government in exchange for being allowed to operate in areas it controls.… Continue Reading

More On The Monitors

Ah, Spring. And the corporate compliance monitors are back in the news. Here’s what’s happening:

It’s an annual event. Democrats in Congress have re-introduced a bill from last year to regulate the way monitors are selected, paid and held accountable.… Continue Reading

That’s Not Justice

A former U.S. Attorney told us a few years ago: “The Justice Department has found a way to subcontract out its FCPA investigations. Now the company lawyers are taking the statements and doing the document work.… Continue Reading