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In Case You Missed It . . .

The White Collar Crime Prof Blog published its 2007 White Collar Crime Awards in December. It’s an entertaining list that makes some serious points as well. A few of the Collars, as the awards are called, are of particular interest to us. Here’s one that went to our favorite subject, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act:

The Collar for Hottest 30-Year Old . . . Statute — To the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which has come into its own as a “mature” criminal statute, even being noticed by the New York Times. And get your minds out of the gutter, this is a family-friendly blog!

Two Collars dealt with the appointment of monitors under deferred prosecution agreements. The cases involve domestic bribery by the leading orthopedic device makers. We’ve written about them here because they’re being investigated for possible FCPA violations based on their overseas practices. The two Collars say this:

The Collar for Nice Work If You Can Get It — to former AG John Ashcroft, appointed by a former subordinate as a monitor under a deferred prosecution agreement that will require the monitored company to pay him between $29,000,000 and $52,000,000.

The Collar for Biggest Bang From a Deferred Prosecution Agreement— to U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie (the subordinate mentioned in the preceding Collar) for also getting three former colleagues appointed as monitors in the same case, and this comes after his law school alma mater happened to receive a chaired professorship in 2005 pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement (surprise!!). Three guesses who may run for Governor of New Jersey in 2009?

The final Collar on the 2007 list mentions us. We have enormous respect for The White Collar Crime Prof Blog. Its authors — Peter J. Henning of Wayne State University Law School and Ellen S. Podgor of Stetson University College of Law — are the top white collar crime pundits around. So this recognition is a real honor. Congratulations also to our co-mentionee, Kevin LaCroix, whose blog, The D & O Diary, is an unequaled resource for news and commentary about directors and officers liability and related securities class action litigation. Here’s the item:

The Collar for Blogs That Should Be Nominated for Some Award — To The D & O Diary (written by Kevin LaCroix) and The FCPA Blog (written by Dick Cassin), both outstanding for their thorough, balanced posts that are uniformly informative — they deserve recognition for the service they provide to readers but probably won’t win various popularity contests.

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