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Malang, East Java Runs Amok

In a tie with Gambia, Togo and Russia, Indonesia ranks 143rd out of 179 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. That lowly score warns us to expect some world-class silliness when it comes to red tape, which always walks hand-in-hand with corruption. Still, we thought a report on a website called Indonesia Matters was either a joke or an exaggeration. It described the requirements for obtaining permission to employ women workers at night in Malang, East Java — a city of about 800,000 people. Curious, we looked up the regulations and found they actually exist. We reproduce them below in eye-watering completeness. Be warned, however, that to stay on the right side of this local law, the administrative hurdles need to be jumped not once but every year.


1.Administrative Qualification

* Request Letter of Service of Woman Night Time Working Permit;
* Copy of Resident Identity Card and NPWP of the owner/the director/the commissariat of the legal based company (double pages);
* Copy of Company Building Certificate of the legal based company;
* Copy of the Evidence Letter of Business Location Owning, land Certificate, Rent Contract legalized by Village Chief (2 pages);
* List of names of the Woman Night Time Working;
* Copy of infrastructure lists;
* Colored Photograph size 4 X 6 (2 pages).

2.Finishing Time, Used Period and Retribution Cost

* Finishing time is 22 days
* Used period is a year then renewed
* Retribution cost is based on Local Policy Number 16 Year 2002 about Business and Retribution Cost in the employment field.

3.Service Process Mechanism

1. The applicant comes to the Employment Department and brings the bundle of complete qualifications then fill the request form;
2. The locket staff will accept and check the bundle of administrative qualifications of Woman Night Time Working Permit from the applicant;
3. Incomplete bundle will be returned to the applicant for being completed;
4. Bundle that fulfilling the administrative qualifications will be made a receipt;
5. Bundle that fulfilling the administrative qualifications will be given a registration number and will be noted on Proposal Book of Woman Night Time Working Permit;
6. The staff gives the complete bundle to the processing staff for being reviewed;
7. The processing staff will research and analyze the proper of Woman Night Time Working Permit. After fulfilling the technical qualifications, the staff will make a recommendation and agreement proposal to The Mayor signed by the Head of Employment Department;
8. Based on the recommendation from the Employment Department, the Mayor will sign the legalizing/refusing of the Woman Night Time Working Permit Proposal;
9. After the permit has been legalized and agreed by the mayor, the bundle of agreement will be returned to the Employment Department;
10. The staff makes accounting and fixing of permit retribution cost;
11. The staff gives Paying Instruction Letter of Legalizing Woman Night Time Working Permit for paying retribution cost to the Helper of Cash Holder then to the Employment Department;
12. After paying the retribution, the cash holder helper will make a receipt of the Woman Night Time Working Permit to the applicant;
13. The applicant gives the receipt of the Woman Night Time Working Permit;
14. The service locket staff gives the legalizing of Woman Night Time Working Permit to the applicant;
15. Retribution Deposit Mechanism is based on the Mayor’s decision of Malang City Number 55 Year 2003 about the acceptance and payment of Local Income in the scope of City Government of Malang City.


View the above regulations on the Malang, East Java site Here.



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